Con-Going: MCM Comic Con Ireland – 2017

It started with a look…..

MCM Comic Con has come and gone, and what a blast it was! Taking place in the RDS in Dublin on the 1st and 2nd of July, the centre was huge, the trading hall was immense and special guests were amazing! The cosplayers I met were some of the best to date and I had a joy in meeting them!

So for the first day, it was filled with panel-going and merchandise buying.

With Manu Bennett starting off my day, he was really very interesting to listen to. He may have even dropped hints about the appearance of Deathstroke in the sixth season of Arrow. (Nicely played, Manu – right when I decided to give up on Arrow for good, you drop this bombshell on me!)

Summer Glau was next on the list. And she was so soft-spoken but a delight to get to see. As a huge fan of Firefly, I’m sure you can imagine why. She spoke about her origins in ballet and her struggles with public speaking. She certainly had no problems talking in front of her hoarde of fans at the weekend!

Then, comes my highlight in the form of the Uncharted panel. With Emily Rose, Nolan North AND Troy Baker all in the same room together. The panel was hilarious and it is a shame it only went on for about forty-five minutes. I could have sat listening to their banter for hours! Days! I’d still be sitting with them if I could!

Stand-out moment: A poor audience member who forgot Emily Rose’s name, and instead of letting it go, kept digging himself into a bigger hole. He even went so far as interrupting the panel minutes later to give a second guess at her name – only to mistake her for the director Amy Heckerling!


Cosplay was certainly on point this year! With a stellar Witch King from Lord of the Rings, an Oliver Queen from Arrow that could very well have been Stephen Amell, an awesome Kylo Ren and Chewbacca (whom my friend got a hug from!) and a highlight was my friend, cosplaying as Ignis from Final Fantasy XV meeting up with a Prompto and Noctis cosplayer!! The only thing missing was their Gladious. Some day soon, perhaps?

I myself cosplayed as Death the Kid from Soul Eater. I’ll probably make another Cosplay Token on that at some stage in the near future!

My merchandise hall was small but…satisfactory! I bought a Kingdom Hearts mystery box, and got a really adorable Goofy figurine in a clear plastic case which is pretty cool! I also got a really pretty, hand-painted Undertale mug with Sans on the cover. For all our tea drinking needs, of course!! And naturally I bought a box or two of Poky. Because that stuff is delicious!


Second day was just as good, although I spent a little less time roaming around. Instead of peeping around the stalls or sitting in panels – we spent several hours playing D&D! Well…sort of – that was the plan, but unfortunately (or fortunately, didn’t matter too much!) the table of people we sat with were far too interesting and nice – we ended up chatting most of the time, rather than playing!!

After one final wander, that ended my time at MCM and let me tell you – I can’t wait for the next one!!




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