Cosplay Tokens – Death The Kid

Death the Kid from Soul Eater is my newest addition to my cosplay wardrobe. I fell in love with the character during his various exploits throughout the anime, and after meeting Todd Haberkorn, the Death the Kid voice actor at Kaizoku Con in Cork a few years back. And my god, is this a fun character to cosplay!

Keeping it Symmetrical

The most important feature of this cosplay is symmetry. Death the Kid LOVES symmetry. If the details of your cosplay isn’t 100% accurate – that doesn’t matter! What does matter is having every single detail you’ve included line up in a perfect, symmetrical pattern. Otherwise, face the wrath of Kid’s tempter-tantrums!

To start off the costume, let’s talk about Kid’s unique-looking blazer!


The blazer is easy enough to make, if you don’t want to splash out on buying the proper cosplay jacket! (so long as you don’t mind a bit – or a lot! – of sewing). I purchased a normal black blazer in Penneys/Primark for about €30. I found some whiter fabric (from a few pairs of unused white socks, actually – I like to recycle!) and cut the fabric into evenly sized rectangles (depending on how detailed, either six or nine rectangles should do the trick). Then, you sew on those rectangles – three on either shoulder, and if you want, another three down along the front.

I have found the last three aren’t hugely necessary – the cosplay I made original did have these three pieces along the front, but because of its positioning across the buttons of the blazer, they kept falling off!

(Admittedly, I realise after all my harping on about symmetry, the rectangles don’t look right. Just blame my poor photography skills on this day!)

Next, a normal, white blouse with a collar is perfect to wear inside the blazer. In fact, I use the same blouse for this cosplay as I did in my Grell Sutcliff costume! Same with wearing a pair of black office pants or black jeans!

Black converse probably work best show-wise. But, as always, I recommend choosing comfort over accuracy when it comes to show-wearing at conventions!

Next, Kid wears a sort of skull-shaped pin at the top of his collar, to mirror his father’s mask.

The one I have I made our of foam, and used duct tape to shape it. Then, I glued layers of tissues paper over it to allow for painting. Any paint will do, but I used oil paints. It took longer to dry but it helped give the pin a bit of a glossy look. A light to dark grey colour is most suitable, and don’t forget three simply black circles for the face! Finally, to clip it onto your cosplay. I used a large hair clip and merely glued it on to the back of it. Then it can be easily clipped on to the top of the collar of your shirt!


The next most important part of the cosplay is the wig. Again, you could buy an accurate wig on various sites online. But once again, if you’re like me and don’t want to have too many single-purpose wigs, I’ll tell you how I made my own.

I already had a short, black anime wig for various cosplays, like L from Death Note and Sebastian from Black Butler. Once it got a little worn, long before I decided to make a Death the Kid cosplay, I had purchased a new black wig. Which meant my old one was perfect for what I needed! I propped it onto my self-made wig stand (which I’ll make a tutorial on in the near future) and bought a can of white, washable hairspray.

I used masking tape to protect the sections I didn’t want painted white, and I sprayed several layers, waited for it to dry and finally peeled off the layers. I saw several tutorials online of people simply painting the white strips onto the wig. While this can work, I find the hairspray looks better as the hair doesn’t look clumped and keeps its hair-like quality. And, the hairspray washes out, so if you need the black wig for any other cosplays, it still does the trick!

The final piece of the cosplay are the guns. These admittedly took the most amount of effort for me, but they really had no need to! I purchased a set of toy guns off Amazon. They looked like real guns, accept they were covered in a blue paint. Instead of dissolving the paint like a normal person, I decided to uses a scissors to painstakingly scratch off the layer of blue paint, to reveal the silver surface underneath. After about two weeks of scratching and some polishing, the guns had the look I was going for.


Once I had the silver surface, I simply glued on a row of three black triangles as shown in the picture and voila! Death the Kid has his guns at the ready! (Being perfectly honest, I recommend buying silver guns and then just gluing on the triangles. Don’t do make your life difficult, like I made mine!)

And there you have it! A Death the Kid cosplay tutorial. I hope it was symmetrical enough for the man himself!

lets go.gif


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