Entertainment Bites: August 2017

Tales From The Borderlands was a game I didn’t know anything about and started on a whim. And now it has gone down as one of my all time favourite narrative-based video games! I had heard about the Borderlands franchise and that they were known to be outlandish and different. To experience for myself exactly what that meant was a thrilling entreprise!


Following Rhys, a Hyperion lackey who works his hardest to become the next Handsome Jack (leader of the Hyperion Corporation who *spoiler* met his untimely demise in the previous game, Borderlands 2). In his exploits, along with his best friend Vaughan, he comes across Fiona and Sasha, two thieving sisters. The unlikely group become tangled together in their desire to locate a vault key. But a lot gets in their way, including a visit from an old, familiar face……
I cannot praise the writing for this game enough. I adore the plot, but even if I didnt, I would give it 5 stars purely based on the witty, clever dialogue. While the game wont win any awards for outstanding gameplay, in a feature that contains mostly quicktime events and plays more like an interactive movie, it is definitely the type of game you would want to play if you want to relax and dont want to get too stressed out over beating the game and are more eager to simply enjoy the ride.

As this game was my introduction to the franchise (and have played Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel since) I can honestly say it is the perfect introduction to the series. I cant wait for more!

I should also add praise for the voice actors. With the famous Troy Baker as Rhys, the wonderful Laura Bailey as Fiona, the hilarious Chris Hardwick as Vaughan, the charming and weird Patrick Warburton as Vasquez, the talented Nolan North as August and so many more – without them, the game wouldnt have the same kick and I really cant praise it enough! The only thing more I can add is – go play the game! What are you waiting for??



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  1. Hello ‘Insanity Bites’. I enjoyed reading your words about Borderlands. I absolutely adored this game – definitely the best Telltale game by a country mile.


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