Cosplay Tokens – The Riddler

The Riddler has always been my favourite Batman villain. I love riddles and puzzles, so to watch our elusive batty friend scratch his cowl as he tries to outsmart such a puzzling character is the best fun I can imagine! After Telltale's release of the first episode of season 2 of their Batman series earlier... Continue Reading →


Entertainment Bites: August 2017

Tales From The Borderlands was a game I didn't know anything about and started on a whim. And now it has gone down as one of my all time favourite narrative-based video games! I had heard about the Borderlands franchise and that they were known to be outlandish and different. To experience for myself exactly... Continue Reading →

Filming Progress – Erased

I filmed Erased early in January in one evening for a film festival in Youghal, co. Cork which got through to the finals. The film follows Maxine Ward, a young woman who is tormented by some strange voice. However, as her night progresses, it appears the voice has erased Max and has replaced her, adopting... Continue Reading →

Review: War For The Planet Of The Apes

*SPOILER WARNING* I feel like this franchise is hugely underrated. Starting in 2011, as a reboot to the older franchises, the films follow Caesar, a saved ape from Gensys experimentation. We watch as he grows from a troubled young ape learning the truth of the cruelty of mankind, to a struggling leader trying to prevent... Continue Reading →

Cosplay Tokens – Death The Kid

Death the Kid from Soul Eater is my newest addition to my cosplay wardrobe. I fell in love with the character during his various exploits throughout the anime, and after meeting Todd Haberkorn, the Death the Kid voice actor at Kaizoku Con in Cork a few years back. And my god, is this a fun character to... Continue Reading →

Entertainment Bites: July 2017

I got into Dungeons and Dragons back in the winter of 2015, and it's all thanks to a certain Twitch stream called Critical Role. Consequently, both the game, and the show, have become huge parts of my life, which is why I have chosen Geek and Sundry's Critical Role as this month's Entertainment Bite. "Welcome to tonight's... Continue Reading →

The Phoenix Files, Chapter 1: A Thief Is Born

“I’m not going to do that.” The young wood elf sat on a rough, uncomfortable tree stump. Her arms folded across her chest, and her bottom lip puckered out stubbornly. Her hazel-coloured eyes turned upwards to the faces of her mother and father, who returned her gaze with glaring disappointment and annoyance. “It’s the annual... Continue Reading →

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